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With a ground-breaking and original approach to mixology, Clean Cut Cocktails is becoming a known figure in the industry. Learn more about their career and recipes by browsing the rest of the site.


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A Big Personality

Inspired by the classics, this company adds an innovative and unique touch to every single drink they prepare. Clean Cut Cocktails began their bartending journey in Atlanta, with a career that stems from a lifelong passion for combining flavors to create new recipes. This commitment to perfection and creativity drives them to push the boundaries of mixology.


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Get "Lyfted" Grand Margarita

You May Want To Get A Ride!

“"The greatest accomplishment of a bartender lies in his ability to exactly suit his customer. . ."

Harry Gordon Johnson


Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is designed for the client who wants to make their event a band without breaking the bank. 

Silver Package

Prepare yourself for an event you won't forget! Containing the best mid shelf spirits we have to offer the Silver Package is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Gold Package

We bring out all the bells and whistles for this particular package. The Gold Package is for the more sophisticated palette, it contains the best top shelf spirits we have at disposal.





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